NJ.Com asks Karen Kessler: “The Kevin Spacey scandal: Will the actor ever work again?”

"I think that when you're talking about a 14-year-old boy and a 26-year-old man, most people have such an aversion to hearing that," says Warren-based crisis manager Karen Kessler. "He really dug his own grave on this one." It's a question that has accompanied many recent high-profile reports of sexual misconduct and assault: Once accused, [...]

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PR Week Features Yes, Newark Campaign and Evergreen Partners

"...That’s where Evergreen Partners, a Warren, New Jersey-based strategic comms shop, came in after it was hired by the group to execute an outreach plan. "Our campaign will unfold in phases as we learn more about Amazon’s process of selection," says Karen Kessler, president of Evergreen. "We don’t know from Amazon if there will be [...]

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If Menendez Can’t Salvage his Reputation, Winning in the Courtroom Won’t be Good Enough

Federal charges of bribery and corruption hasn’t had much impact on Senator Menendez’ approval rating among New Jersey constituents. Reputation guru Karen Kessler explained why — and what might change that — to the Wall Street Journal. "He’s in a leadership role in the Senate and that matters a lot to people in New Jersey. [...]

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An Inside Look Into Leaks: Karen Kessler Featured in The Bergen Record

Karen Kessler was featured as a guest columnist in The Bergen Record yesterday, sharing her thoughts on leaks in the business and political worlds. Why do leaks happen? What causes them? How can they be prevented in the future? "The right question is not 'Who is leaking', but, 'Why is my organization leaking negative stories?' [...]

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Karen Kessler Shares Thoughts on “Fake News” Scare Sweeping the Nation

Our President has made no apologies while slapping the label of "fake news" to a multitude of news outlets. However, favoring one news source over another opens the possibility towards bias and mistrust in the media, and our own Karen Kessler shared her thoughts recently with the Huffington Post on this very subject. "The President has [...]

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Governor Christie Failed to Pin Shutdown on Assembly Speaker

Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal: "In the end it was Mr. Christie who faced the most criticism after the Star-Ledger newspaper photographed him with family and friends on the beach at a state park that was closed to the public during the shutdown. Mr. Christie said he was on the beach for less than [...]

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Communications In A Crisis: Thoughts From Warren Cooper

Our very own Warren Cooper recently weighed in with some thoughts and anecdotes on how to best navigate the choppy waters of a cyber crisis. Take a look at the full article below to discover his ten most important points in formulating your cyber crisis response plan. "Establish a “spokesperson only” response policy. It is essential to speak [...]

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Evergreen Partners Featured in The New York Times: Grab Your Popcorn and Watch the Comey Testimony

Today's Comey hearings have captivated the nation, and Evergreen Partners is no exception. Our very own Karen Kessler was featured in the New York Times on the subject, giving her thoughts on the momentous event this morning. Says the NYT: "The schedule has been cleared and the popcorn readied at Evergreen Partners, a strategic communications firm [...]

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Why was Karen Kessler mentioned in the Daily News?

"Karen Kessler of Evergreen Partners, Inc., a spokeswoman for the firm of McCarter & English, which is representing the Giants, sent a statement to The News Wednesday. "The plaintiffs are trying to sensationalize the mundane task of scheduling depositions, which takes place in every case, and is happening now," Kessler wrote." Full story is here: [...]

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Inside Edition asks Karen Kessler – Who apologized better? Pepsi, United or Spicer?

Three gigantic requests for forgiveness have come back-to-back-to-back after Pepsi, United Airlines and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer all had massive public relations gaffes in the last two weeks. Crisis manager Karen Kessler told Inside Edition there are four things to make a good corporate apology. "You have to apologize. You have to know who you [...]

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