Communications In A Crisis: Thoughts From Warren Cooper

Our very own Warren Cooper recently weighed in with some thoughts and anecdotes on how to best navigate the choppy waters of a cyber crisis. Take a look at the full article below to discover his ten most important points in formulating your cyber crisis response plan. "Establish a “spokesperson only” response policy. It is essential to speak [...]

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Evergreen Partners Featured in The New York Times: Grab Your Popcorn and Watch the Comey Testimony

Today's Comey hearings have captivated the nation, and Evergreen Partners is no exception. Our very own Karen Kessler was featured in the New York Times on the subject, giving her thoughts on the momentous event this morning. Says the NYT: "The schedule has been cleared and the popcorn readied at Evergreen Partners, a strategic communications firm [...]

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Why was Karen Kessler mentioned in the Daily News?

"Karen Kessler of Evergreen Partners, Inc., a spokeswoman for the firm of McCarter & English, which is representing the Giants, sent a statement to The News Wednesday. "The plaintiffs are trying to sensationalize the mundane task of scheduling depositions, which takes place in every case, and is happening now," Kessler wrote." Full story is here: [...]

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Inside Edition asks Karen Kessler – Who apologized better? Pepsi, United or Spicer?

Three gigantic requests for forgiveness have come back-to-back-to-back after Pepsi, United Airlines and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer all had massive public relations gaffes in the last two weeks. Crisis manager Karen Kessler told Inside Edition there are four things to make a good corporate apology. "You have to apologize. You have to know who you [...]

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Karen Kessler in USA Today: What United Airlines must do to win back customers

"Supporting your employees and defending "dumb policies" are not the same, says Karen Kessler, a crisis communications expert and chair of the Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership. "If the reward for stepping off the plane was $5,000 or 10 free tickets, you likely could have flown your needed crew to Louisville in an empty flight," [...]

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Karen Kessler via Star-Ledger: “A few pointers in customer service for the United Airlines CEO | Opinion”

  Star-Ledger Guest Columnist Karen Kessler: "Oscar, we don't know one another but I have your United Presidential Club credit card. I fly from your East Coast hub, and I use your airport lounges. I think that entitles me to give you a few pointers that you should have thought of immediately." Click here to [...]

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NJBIZ Power 100 includes Evergreen Partners Founder Karen Kessler

Crisis PR and Reputation Management Expert in Top 100 Power List Evergreen Partners founder Karen Kessler has made it her business to protect the interests of some of Jersey's top people and companies. Read more about it in NJBIZ - Article by Tom Bergeron NJBIZ Power 100

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Wall Street Journal Names Karen Kessler the “Go To” Reputation Manager

  Hollywood Crises Get Jersey Help Karen Kessler - Wall Street Journal Article written by Heather Haddon. There are few places where damage control is the art form it is in New Jersey, home to an astonishing amount of political misbehavior and corruption. So perhaps it isn't surprising that Hollywood is turning to [...]

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Rutgers Appoints Karen Kessler to Chair Ethics Cabinet

"Karen's deep sense of integrity and her expertise in addressing a broad range of ethical crises will be invaluable to the Institute as it grows as a resource for corporations, nonprofits, academic institutions and government. We look forward to her leadership," said James Abruzzo, IEL Co-Founder. Click here to read the full story.

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PR expert Warren Cooper gives crisis communication advice

Crisis Communications Expert Warren Cooper: How to create a good plan for when bad things happen. "Business people are always surprised that the media found out there was a problem, that the reporter reached them on the phone or just showed up at their door," Cooper said. They also learn "how quickly bad [...]

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