Warren Cooper

Evergreen Partners Crisis Communications

Warren provides media relations guidance, strategic communication counsel and litigation support to C-Suite executives, education leaders, litigation attorneys and political clients facing personal or institutional crises, informed by his experience as a New Jersey mayor, school board president, businessman and professor.

Warren’s Bio

Penni Wild

Evergreen Partners Crisis Communications

Penni crafts communication strategies that help clients improve workplace dynamics, enhance brand impact and protect their own reputations as well as that of their organizations. She provides clients with media training for appearances on radio and TV, and personal coaching for webinar and live conference presentations.

Penni’s Bio

Andria Lykogiannis

Evergreen Partners Crisis Communications

Andria serves as Evergreen Partner’s principle client liaison, supporting client research and managing the scheduling, coordination and implementation of multiple projects. Her background in broadcast media production, project planning and execution enhances the critical support for client services aimed at achieving their reputational goals.

Andria’s Bio

Alyssa Dawson

Alyssa brings extensive experience managing sensitive political issues at the highest levels as well as coordinating media appearances and events for high profile individuals. Her wide breadth of experience working with companies, individuals, and nonprofit organizations statewide helps clients achieve a strong presence whether it’s a grassroots community campaign, online or in traditional media.