Reputation Management

In the age of aggressive digital media; online petitions; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the adage is truer than ever: “A good reputation takes a lifetime to build — and one minute to lose.”

Risks to the reputation of individuals and organizations often come from the behavior of others:

  • A hospital ransomware attack hits patient care.
  • Corporate restructuring spurs employee angst, vendor action and investor flight.
  • The arrest of a former business partner threatens a politician’s re-election bid.
  • News of an internal discrimination suit undermines a bank’s brand.
  • A school district faces public outcry over allegations of a popular teacher’s bullying.
  • A nonprofit’s funding is threatened by its CEO’s domestic violence charges.

Evergreen helps healthcare providers, politicians, lawyers, religious institutions, sports teams, universities and corporations respond to such reputational risks, and we aid Boards of Directors navigate threats to members’ reputations as well.

We respond quickly, with great experience, proven communication strategies, an authentic feel for nuance and tone, and a sophisticated command of language. We know how the media works and we’ve gained unparalleled trust of working journalists: Evergreen ’s own reputation among digital, print and broadcast journalists across local, regional and national media outlets is impeccable.

That reputation has helped us win the spotlight for clients seeking it — and mitigate its harsh glare for those hoping to avoid it.