Public Relations

Identifying your audience, crafting your message, launching and making sure it resonates with impact — Evergreen’s public relations successes extend far beyond outreach.

Whether the media platform is online, digital social or traditional print and broadcast, it’s your brand, your organization, your message. Our job is to thoroughly understand your goals so the communications strategy we conceive, manage and share forges a bond between you and your public.

You know what you want to achieve, where you want to go and how you want to be perceived. We know how to help you achieve it, how to get you there and how to leave the desired impression.

You’re not seeking just marketing, because you’re not selling salsa and chips.

Public Relations, the way we practice the craft, is an organic, evolving process that is light-on-its-feet, responsive to your changing needs and to changes in the public’s social, corporate, political and consumer environment. Our success — your success — stems from the art of relationship building, not by-the-numbers sales work.

When it comes to furthering your goals, we’re as adept at conceiving novel tactics, attention-getting events and innovative courses of action as others are at pitching the same old press release.

  • Developing strategies and tactics to support your organization’s communications goals
  • Counseling executive leadership on policy decisions and action plans
  • Anticipating and responding to polls, editorials and public attitudes on important issues
  • Identifying relationships among issues, key players, communities and governments
  • Supporting your goals of influencing or changing public policy