Issues Communications

When you want to influence legislators, you hire a lobbyist. When you want to influence the public, you hire Evergreen.

We’re not lobbyists. We develop the message and if we’re working with your lobbyists, we can make a powerful team.

When your business and professional interests intersect with public policy issues, you want your opinion to dominate the debate and advance your goals. Evergreen crafts strategic communications that weave your narrative into the dialogue and drives your message home.

Issues management is more than just message creation and distribution.

Evergreen has been active in New Jersey political, governmental, business and legal circles for more than a quarter century. Most of the names on annual New Jersey Power Lists belong to those of our clients, colleagues or close contacts — whether it’s in politics, the arts, healthcare, education, business, nonprofits, government or law. We’re the ultimate referral partner. It’s the way we work, building a community of mutual support to forward your goals. Bonds we help create among individuals and corporations achieve mutually desired outcomes.

And because confidentiality is  our mantra, we’re the region’s best kept secret when it comes to behind-the-scenes introductions, cooperation and coordinated campaigns.

  • Articulate your message, share it widely and shape the public conversation
  • Build relationships to boost your impact and spread your influence
  • Seize the initiative and draw others to share your goals
  • Be seen as a thought-leader, not just visioning the future, but helping to create it