Crisis Communications

Evergreen Partners has been referred to in the media as “the most sought-after firm when things go wrong.”

Some issues require urgent action, others need a measured approach. But when the media comes calling, or investors, donors, the Board or staff are clamoring for answers, knowing what to respond, when or even if to respond are not things you want to learn on the job. Equally important is knowing what not to say, to protect your brand or a future litigation strategy.

Crises take many forms, from natural disasters with wide impact, to circumstance- or person-driven events that impact only you and your organization. Evergreen quickly responds to deftly and strategically communicate your story in ways that guard your reputation, your organization, your people and your brand.

For decades, Evergreen has helped mitigate the potentially crippling impacts of crises.

  • Managing media statements when law enforcement is at your door
  • Crafting internal and external stakeholder communications to inform and calm
  • Developing strategic communications to protect Boards, key individuals and donors
  • Evaluating and drafting communications components of in-house crisis response plans

We respond to today with a focus on tomorrow, repositioning clients for a future beyond their present challenges. We are discreet, professional and really, really good at what we do.