Wall Street Journal Names Karen Kessler the “Go To” Reputation Manager

  Hollywood Crises Get Jersey Help Karen Kessler - Wall Street Journal Article written by Heather Haddon. There are few places where damage control is the art form it is in New Jersey, home to an astonishing amount of political misbehavior and corruption. So perhaps it isn't surprising that Hollywood is turning to [...]

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Karen Kessler interviewed at Eagleton Institute of Politics (Rutgers University)

Karen Kessler interviewed by Rick Sinding July 29, 2015 at the Eagleton Institute of Politics Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)

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Karen Kessler – “The Fixer”

When big names get into big trouble, they turn to Karen Kessler for help Read more about it in NJBIZ - Article by Meg Fry NJBIZ THE FIXER

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Why Managing Online Reputation Is Critical – Karen Kessler quoted on

Nov. 13, 2014 - "While juggling all the responsibilities of being a CEO, CFO or other C-suite executive, few think to do an online search on themselves," says Karen Kessler, founding partner, Evergreen Partners. "Often, when people discover that others are looking into their background, it's too late to do anything about what's out there."

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Karen Kessler talking reputation & football on the Today Show

Karen Kessler commenting on the latest in the Adrian Peterson story on the NBC Today Show

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Karen Kessler talks to Star-Ledger about Miss America Debacle

Says Karen Kessler, “The questions many observers are asking now: Can Miss America recover from yet another set of PR blows? And how will all of this impact the pageant’s current home, Atlantic City, which is facing its own share of public relations and financial crises?” Karen discusses reputation management with NJ Advance Media for [...]

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Today Show Speaks with Evergreen’s Karen Kessler About the Latest NFL Domestic Violence Cases

NBC's Today Show turns to Evergreen Partners' very own Karen Kessler for her Public Relations expertise regarding the latest NFL domestic violence cases in the news. September 16, 2014:  On the Today Show

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Can Justin Bieber Recover In Wake Of Racist Videos?

Karen Kessler’s expertise on reputation management is quoted on […]

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Evergreen Partners In The News

Evergreen’s Karen Kessler offered her insight to the Wall Street Journal regarding NJ US Attorney Paul Fishman’s decision to tackle the George Washington Bridge situation.  Karen has been on the record with several media outlets this week regarding this issue, how it will play out, and if Chris Christie’s political career and image can weather [...]

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